Competition Bikini Suit in Seafoam Green with AB clear, blue & purple stones. Unique design for sale. Connectors double strand top and bottoms in AB.

Top size C / Bottoms xsmall up to 5'5 and 120 lbs.

**You can also custom order this suit**

Fabric - Seafoam Green
Top - Bikini
Bottoms - Pro Cut

” You have to own that stage and it starts with a Great Suit”

What to Measure:
1. Height / Division
2. Competition Weight (what you expect to weigh on the date of your competition) 3. Bra and Cup Size (for example: 34D or 32C)
4. Hips
5. Waist

Please Check What Size for Top and Bottoms
Top Sizing:
B Cup: Works great for AA—small B cup. For AA or A chest ask for double padding. B+ Cup: Ideal for full B chest or small B w/ double padding. C Cup: Great for natural or enhanced C cup. C+ Cup: Perfect for full C, small D or full D ( showing some skin) D Cup: Best fit for full D or DD (showing some skin)

Bottom Sizing:
X-Small: Up to 5’3 up to 115 lbs Small: 5’4 to 5’7 116 lbs - 128 lbs Medium: Over 5’8 128 lbs - 135 lbs

If you would like another color or different style connectors we have a large variety to choose from.Please email with any questions to :*SHINE BRIGHT*

Competition Bikini Suit Seafoam Green