Skull City Custom Air Pro Cut Slingshot choose from a variety of colors. The front of the suit has a seam and the back is sinched at the top. Please email for more design ideas to:


Fit Size:  Small : 28 - 30 ( 150-165)

We want to ensure you look your best on stage and as a competitor myself I know when my suit fits and looks Awesome I am going to have the confidence to Rock It!! When you’re training for a show your body completely changes form. Therefore, correct measurements of your body are essential in creating the best look on stage!

Measurement Chart:
Small : 28 - 30 ( 136-165)

Medium: 31 - 34 ( 166-210)

Large: 35 - 38 ( 211-250)

XLarge: 39 - 43 ( 251-285)
Please email with any questions to :

Men's Pro Cut Slingshot Skull City Custom Air

Color: Purple