Blue satin frost fabric 2 PC Bikini competition suit in a light spray design in center edges are stoned in a track design on top and bottoms with clear Swarovski stones. Tigra is very eye catching. The connectors are a double loop style on top and bottoms with canter piece. All suits come with pads and fully lined. Top and back straps are tie straps unless specified for clear hooks.  

Fabric - Tigra Satin Frost

Top - Bikini

Bottoms - Butterfly cut

If you would like another color or different style connectors we have a large variety to choose from.

Please email with any questions to :


Tigra Blue Bikini Competition Suit in Satin Frost

  • ALTERATIONS: Suits that don't fit properly, we will be happy to make necessary alterations. Email us an image of you wearing the suit front and back with comments regarding what alterations you need done. We must know within 2 days that the suit does not fit and mailed back by day 4. There will be a charge for shipping.   RETURN POLICY: All sales are final as your suit is custom made to your size and specs ordered.  There are no returns or refunds* NOTE: Unauthorized returns will be refused and shipped back to sender. We will not be responsible of any lost, damaged or late delivery of suits shipped. Suits cannot be replace or reimburse. Again all sales are final, and all suits are custom made, so we cannot accept returns or exchanges on these items.

  • Measuring correctly insures a proper fit We want to ensure you look your best on stage and as a competitor myself I know when my suit fits and looks Awesome I am going to have the confidence to Rock It !! When you’re training for a show your body completely changes form. Therefore, correct measurements of your body are essential in creating the perfect fit. I say measure twice so we cut once! Here are some pointers on how to take measurements correctly:

    * Do not assume that last month's measurements are still the same today.* Having a friend to do the measuring is the most accurate way.* Wearing nothing will help reduce errors.* Stand straight, legs slightly apart, face straight ahead.* Measuring tape should be snug, neither loose nor tight.What to measure

    1.    Height       /     Division

    2.    Competition Weight (what you expect to weigh on the date of your competition) 

     3.    Bra and Cup Size (for example: 34D or 32C)

    4.    Ribcage 

    5.    Hips

    6.    Waist

    7.    Full Torso If you would like a picture sent on what to measure please email to Tiffany@tjusticewear.com__________________________________________________ ** Please attach Show Date, Show Location, Ship to Address**__________________________________________________ How to measure

    1. Bust Measuring: Measure all the way around the fullest part of the bust.

    2. Ribcage: Measure all the way around the torso just under the breast.

    3. Waist: Measure all the way around the center of the torso at the point where the body bends naturally and the waist is the narrowest.

    4. Hips: Measure all the way around the fullest part of hips or the largest part of the buttocks (feet together).

    5. Full-Torso: With the tape measure at the top of the shoulder, let the tape measure fall down the front of the body. Pull the tape measure between the legs and up the backside to reconnect at the top of the shoulder. Do not have it too tight in the crotch. 

    Please check what size for Tops and Bottoms Top Sizing

    B Cup: Works great for AA-small B Cup. For AA or A chest ask for double padding.

    B+ Cup: Ideal for full B chest or small B with double padding.

    C Cup: Great for natural or enhanced C cup.

    C+ Cup: Perfect for full C, small D or full D ( showing some skin)

    D cup: Best fit for full D or DD ( showing some skin) 

      Bottom SizingX-Small: Up to 5’3  up to 115 lbs

    Small: 5’4 – 5’7    116 lbs – 128lbs

    Medium: Over 5’8    128 lbs – 135 lbs

    Terms and Conditions for Custom WorkALL SUITS: Our suits are unique and custom-made to order. Please note, that not one suit is ever exactly the same in size, color, fabric, and stones variation. We are not held responsible for unclear images.ORDER: A minimum of 6 weeks before your show.

    RUSH ORDERS : Less than 5 weeks before the show a fee of $50.00 will be applied.

    MEASUREMENTS: CUSTOMER IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR INACCURATE MEASUREMENTS AND BRA SIZES and T Justice Wear is not held responsible for mis-measurements.   

      CUSTOM WORK PRICING: Each suit is a unique creation designed to enhance and showcase your body type. Prices are based on Fabric, Design Style, Crystal (size and color) and Application selected. If you would like a different style, color and/or stone work please send an image to tiffany@tjusticewear.comEXCEPTIONS: Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding placing your order. If there are unique changes needed other than shown in image, we will need immediately.  Email conformation of changes will be confirmed before beginning stages of suit design.