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Do YOU want to look your Best on Stage as a Competitor?

Here are 10 Tips to help you do that. Its crunch time is it not? We are nervous this might be our 1st show or our 10th, but we always want to look the BEST we can be on stage.

1. Strike Your Best Pose: Know what the best pose for your body is and be able to move into that pose flawlessly.

2. Be Aware of Your Breathing: You don’t want to be taking deep breaths because you are nervous. Practice a relax pose with slow breathing.

3. Bond With Your Suit Designer: The suit you wear on stage should showcase your best assets.

4. Have A Smart Suit: Your suit should fit like a glove. You have to feel 100% confident in your suit.

5. Walking Proud: Practice your walk in the shoes you’re going to be wearing.

6. Accentuate Your Makeup & Hair: Stage makeup is more elaborate & more colorful. You want avoid looking pale and washed out on stage. For hair, color and extensions a week out practice doing Makeup & Hair from start to finish.

7. Be Prepared & Have A Plan B: Bring an extra suit, self-tanner,cosmetics, bikini bite and sewing kit. Also an extra CD for music if needed.

8. Get A Mani / Pedi: Before Competition Day.

9. Get Support: Having a friend helps you stay organized. Having someone take care of small details makes a big difference.

10. Remember To Smile & Have Fun: You are so nervous with everything you forget to Smile! Smile, Smile and Smile, don’t stop.. You did it, enjoy it! Be proud of yourself. “Own that Stage and Shine Bright”

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